hello sky

tribut to dandy's art work(nadya)

go stikeeer,ngoahahaa


komik ini buat dewak fatah dan habib,
obrolan yang aku cerna setiap hari dari mereka :)

 Stupid face (me)

Illustrasi potraite diri,saat menunggu materi dari kantor ya iseng'' aja bikin potraite ala kadarnya.

People stared

 Remember the airport dropping me off,we were kissing goodbye and we couldn't stop
I felt bad cause you missed your flight,but that meant we had one more night
Do you remember how it used to be,We'd turn out the lights and didn't just sleep
Remind me baby remind me

Just you

Now I see clearly 

This song absolutely blew me away when I picked up the album that he did. I had heard of him randomly and just picked it up on a fluke - for some reason, I just thought it LOOKED like a good album.

I never, ever questioned that knack for good taste. This album is amazing and this is one of my favorite songs of all time.  The skill and talent behind this is incredible. There's something about this that has a Christian tint to me, but I might just be projecting. I think it may be him addressing God but it could also be him addressing a lover. It's very ambiguous to me.  

Happiness is only real when shared.

adventurous, sad, real, Beautiful, deep, at times very touching movie. Based on a real-life novel directed by Sean Penn. This though-provoking movie really made me think about life and maybe even changed my view on certain things. What really saddens me is, that the movie didn’t manage to win an Oscar.   Story: Christopher McCandless, graduated from college, and departs on an adventure. He is inspired by the books of London and Byron. He doesn’t need money, so he donates all of it. He is traumatized by his parents’ marriage. He is determined to destroy himself just to prove that he is different and has different values compared to his parents. On the road, he makes a number of foolish choices. For instance, daring to kayak a rapid river,which bring him joy and happiness. On his journey, he meets thousands of people and all of them are kind and treat him well. His interactions with people is intense, to specify, he disappears while still being a mysterious entity.

The movie is gorgeous. The scenes are unique and special. Mountains, rivers, animals, sky are amazing. As for the acting it’s fantastic. Emile Hirsch plays Chris, who did a great job in resembling him. When an actual photo of Chris came out on the screen, I barely noticed the difference. Soundtracks were also perfectly fit! Original songs by Eddie Vedder gave the right feel.All in All, I found the movie gripping and thoughtful. The script was good, but sometimes a bit monotonous. Penn’s direction and cinematography was very skilful. The acting with it’s every detail was absolutely excellent.